Song of the Day: “Hearts of Darkness” by Hope Vista

Hope Vista | Eat Sleep Breathe Music

Today’s song is “Hearts of Darkness” by Hope Vista. This is the latest song from the female singer-songwriter. At the ripe age of 20, Hope Vista has written approximately over 500 songs, all of which are completely blunt, raw and true. She first picked up a guitar at age 7, attempting to mimic her classically-trained father. After performing video-taped concerts in her grandparents’ living room at just 3 years old, those close to her realized her untamable passion for music.

Using 9/11. which her mother survived, as her initial inspiration and personal life experiences from then on, Hope writes lyrics that are ripped straight from her heart, without fear, hesitation, or a filter. Throughout her high school years, Hope battled a variety of dangerous inner demons that nearly defeated her, as she used music to crawl out of the dark and write songs to hopefully save someone else’s life.

Her music was distributed without a contract worldwide by Island Def Jam Digital, the record label of Usher, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey and Jay-Z. Since then, she has made it past the first round of the X Factor USA, was in the 25th percentile out of millions of votes to play at the 2013 Vans Warped Tour, and opened for international musician Aaron Carter.

This new song was written to raise awareness to prevent drunk driving. Hope Vista delivers a honest lyricism that is unparalleled. Her music is emotionally raw and inviting to the listener.

Listen below and for more information check out her Facebook page.

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