CMJ 2013 Artist – Party Supplies

The best way to describe Party Supplies is as futuristic rock as the duo mixes heavy guitar riffs, hip-hop beats and electronic sounds to create songs that are both catchy and unconventional. Party Supplies is Justin Nealis on guitar and vocals and Sean Mahon on the keys, the Brooklyn-based duo currently signed to Fool’s Gold, took New York by storm this CMJ playing various showcases. On stage, Party Supplies show that they are more than just electronic and rock put together, both Mahon and Nealis are highly skilled at what they do and are impressive to watch live, with Nealis killing his guitar and Mahon constantly moving his fingers as he fidgets with buttons and keyboard keys at the same time.

Party Supplies’ first album Tough Love is available for download, and within the fist days of November be sure to download the free Blue Chips 2, a mixtape collaboration between Party Supplies and rapper Action Bronson.

For more information on Party Supplies, Check out their official website, Facebook, and
Soundcloud page.

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