ESBMusic’s Week at CMJ 2013

CMJ is one of the best times of the fall semester. You get to NYC and see some of the most amazing up and coming band.s The best thing about this festival is there is so much music to choose from. You have the opportunity to hear a world-wind of music all in one week. We saw so many great bands at this years CMJ. Here are some of our highlights:

Caveman: The free show at Pianos on Saturday was packed to the brim with fans of NYC’s. We have been a fan of this band for awhile and were excited to see the live performance. The set was filled with dreamy, laid back musical experience. The crowd was swaying and singing along with the Brooklyn quintet.

Bored Nothing: Australia always has some great music representing at CMJ and Bored Nothing was one of those awesome bands to play the Aussie BBQ Saturday afternoon. Bored Nothing has a laid back vibe that took me back to the 90’s.

Total Slacker: Total Slacker brought be back to the 90’s with their distorted guitars. This Brooklyn based foursome have a sound that is part psychedelic and part rockadelic. They are totally awesome.

TEEN: This all girl group packed a punch with their. The Brooklyn quintet brought a fervor to Pianos that was well received throughout the house. They have a rocking sound that can’t be beat.

The Belle Game: This Canadian dark pop quintet packs a strong performance led by the powerhouse vocals of Andrea Lo. They ended the night with a bang. They were fun, delectable indie rock group that I really enjoyed. Their music entices the listener and is topped off by their energetic and fresh live performance.

J Fernandez: This Chicago has a low and monotone sound, but yet it was instantaneously enjoyable. They set a mood for a laidback and sleepy vibe with a hint of 60’s melodies. I felt like time was standing still while listening to them. Their slow and methodic guitar and keys struck a chord with my senses. Their music was very soothing.

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