Aubergine MACHINE “Call it Fate, Call it Karma (The Strokes Cover)” Video

Aubergine MACHINE is a collaboration between world renowned multi-platinum selling producer Ian Carey and new-comer to the scene Shanti Ellis. The duo formed in late 2012 when Ellis and Carey realized they could make beautiful music together. Through their worldly travels the two have blended influences like Fleetwood Mac and Vampire Weekend with pre-EDM electronica and post dubstep.

What emerged was alarmingly awesome electronica that would appeal to any mainstream pop lover. Ian’s production combines with Shanti’s brand of indie-pop laced vocals to build a foundation of melodies that range from youthful to emotive and haunting. Shanti and Ian like to sum up what they do in their mantra: we make music, love life and laugh sometimes. we are Aubergine MACHINE.

This video is the latest single from the Florida dance duo. Watch below and listen to their cool take on The Strokes track. It is the perfect backdrop to a relaxing summer day. For more information on Aubergine MACHINE check out their Facebook page.

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