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Musician Eric Frisch | Eat Sleep Breathe Music

Who are They? Originally from Toronto, Eric Frisch is an NYC-based indie-pop musician. Eric’s main influences range everywhere from the Beatles and the Beach Boys toSam Cooke and the Four Tops to Bob Dylan and Jackie Wilson. Eric is the second of four children. He began learning piano at an early age and always enjoyed the task of composing on his own. He credits his parents with introducing him to the right music, playing “Here, There, and Everywhere” off of Revolver for him when he was 15.

When Did They Start? 2012

Why Should You Care? Eric’s has produced a feel good sound that will appeal to a wide range of listeners. His first self-produced, full-length release, Goodbye Birdcage is an album that you will want to keep on repeat. He seamlessly blends the goodness of 50’s and 60’s pop sounds with a modern indie twist that is enchantingly charming and will put a smile on your face. The album show cases his diverse range as a writer and singer, and displays his uniqueability to capture the essence of his influences in his music.

How do they sound?

“Pretty Girls”

“Learn to Swim”

For more information on Eric Frisch check out his official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.


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