Rocking Under The Radar: Mount Sharp

Mount Sharp
Who are They?:: Mount Sharp, a NYC-based band consisting of Sarah Wood (Vocals/Guitar), Bryan Bruchman (Guitar) and Ryan Zumsen (bass). Wood and Bruchman started as roommates in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. The two began working on music that would set the stage for Mount Sharp. The band was rounded out by their friend Zumsen. The trio began making songs about “science and bad decisions” and started playing shows in late 2012.

When did they start? 2012

Why Should You Care? This NYC-based trio has a “fuzzcore” sound that is distortedly, bright and shiny with excitable and jarring tempos. Their latest EP Weird Fears released this past August is a great collection of music. The album consists of six tracks that are a great fusion of high and aggressive melodies with soft crooning lyricism.

How Do They Sound?

“Whiskey Ginger”


For more information on Mount Sharp check out their official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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