Bouncings Souls at The Court Tavern

By Vanessa Kopec
On the 11th of September, Red Bull Sound Select sponsored a show at The Court Tavern in New Brunswick NJ. Tickets were 3 bucks a person but due to the venue’s limited space, it was on a first-come basis. As expected, the line winded around the corner on a warm early fall night with fans surprisingly waiting patiently to get into the bar. Tacocat and The Scandals opened with the Bouncing Souls taking the stage as a headliner at 10:20 pm

The Court Tavern which has been a New Brunswick venue since 1981 temporarily closed it’s doors about 2 years ago, but back in operation now, the bar was still the same storied rock dive from it’s past with patrons a buzz and ordering drinks before they typically make their way down to the basement for shows.

With a revamped small stage, about 200 people packed into the small space to see the New Brunswick, NJ punk legends preform and they did not disappoint.

The Bouncing Souls opened with “That Song” and the crowd immediately went wild. The light-hearted “The Something Special” had everyone singing along while “Kate is Great” awoke something in the hearts of punk rock kids of all ages. The acoustics were steady and Greg’s voice (and face) unphased as the crowd pushed forward. By now the basement was thick with sweat from the unrelentless dancing. There was no mercy for those looking for a breeze or space to stand still. As The Souls chanted the words to “East Coast Fuck You” surfers rode the crowd again and again literally till the ceiling began to come down and management politely requested the crowd surfacing to halt.

By now, it was impossible not to sing along or tap your foot, especially to their cover of the Ramones’ “Do You Wanna Dance” and “Lean on Sheena”. Continuing with the classics “Hopeless Romantic”, the band kept the energy going especially in the pit. For over an hour and a half the sound was steady (minus a flub or two) and the audience appreciative of the “old stuff” that harkened memories from the NB punk rock scene . The melody of “True Belivers” closed the set with great guitar rhythm, a good drum beat, solid bass, and anthem-like lyrics striking a chord with the crowd. The Bouncing Souls, sons of the Garden State made their hometown proud!

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