Song of the Day: “Broke My Heart” by Alice Sungurov

Today’s song is “Broke My Heart” by Alice Sungurov. Alice Sungurov was born in a suburban town of New Jersey to a family of Russian immigrants. Over the years Alice spent countless hours learning vocals, guitar, violin, piano, music theory, musical theater, drama, acting and songwriting. For Alice being heard is more special as she was unable to comprehend and communicate as well as others in her first 8 years of life. By the age of 4, she was diagnosed with the Auditory Processing Disorder and her concerned mother desperate in an attempt to help her daughter, created a specialized arts school for her and others needing creative outlets to enhance learning and life skills. She was also introduced to a motivating program called En-genius and her guru who has instilled confidence and spirituality in her life. Despite her impediment Alice was able to overcome her disorder through her mom’s school arts curriculum and her inspirational guru who taught her about integrity, authenticity, responsibility and living an enriched life. Now 15 year-old Alice Sungurov lives in Manhattan, is a world traveler, grade president of her high school sophomore class, and has proven very capable of overcoming anything life will throw at her.

The New York artist is determined to be heard and that “life is fun and everything is possible.” Her music features light heart-warming melodies that infuse fun and enjoyable pop rock rhythms. She is an adorable pop songstress who is sure to catch the ears of fans.

Listen below and for more information on Alice Sungurov check out her official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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