Song of the Day: “Galloping Steeds” by Nature Ganganbaigal

Nature Ganganbaigal
Today’s song is “Galloping Steeds” by Nature Ganganbaigal. This New York based songwriter is an internationally acclaimed composer whose scores span across various genres in everything from feature films and documentaries to video games, commercials, television shows, and web series. His work has been acknowledged by MTV, Wacken and international film festivals such as the 2015 Montclair Film Fest, Time Code: Nola Film Fest, Victoria TX Film Fest, and RXSM Film Expo.

Aside from a gift for composing, Gainganbaigal is also an accomplished Mongolian horse-head fiddle player, an ancient Mongolian string instrument. In 2014, after years of studying the horse-head fiddle and Mongolian throat singing from his Mongolian teachers in China, Nature was invited to perform in New York City as a soloist with the New York University Philharmonic and Jazz ensemble, Combo Nuvo in the world premiere of Richard Shemaria’s “Mongolian Nights.”

When not composing scores, Ganganbaigal is the bandleader, composer, and lead singer of Tengger Cavalry, a rock band which has reached international recognition, including praise from MTV. Tengger Cavalry takes traditional Mongolian music and adds a modern and international flair. It incorporates horse-head fiddle and throat singing with a symphonic and heavy rock flavor. It has been described as “creating a Hollywood-filmic atmosphere with an epic Mongolian flavor.”

This track off his solo album entitled To Where Tengger Leads Me which was released this past fall. Who says you need lyrics? His lively orchestrations combine striking melodies that take Mongolian folk music and mix it with a new age electronica creating a fusion that is uplifting and beautiful music. His melodies will take you on a magical ride.

Listen below and for more information check out Nature Ganganbaigal’s official website and Facebook page.

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