Purmamarca Unveil “Chasms” (Live at Room 17) with BULLETT Magazine

Purmamarca are back with a new track-rework from their original song catalog. The song “Chasms” (Live at Room 17)is the latest single on the band’s debut album Summer Air // Night. The track has been hailed “heart-rendering” by BULLETT Magazine.

Ryan Henry, the visionary behind Purmamarca, elaborates on the dark twinge found in “Chasms,” explaining, “the song is about the idea that no one holds any power over anyone else. It’s about retreating to a mindful space, where the only power is over yourself. It’s about giving over to the things that are larger than ourselves, to trust that energy, to trust the intangible breeze that blows us in the direction of its will.”

Fans of Real Estate, The Shins and Radiohead are sure to love Purmamarca.

For more information on Purmamarca check out his bandcamp, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Listen to the song here and the album is now available as a limited cassette release via Big Cartel.

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