Rockin’ Under The Radar: Tove Styrke

Tove StyrkeWho are They? Tove Styrke

When did they start? Tove Styrke landed a record deal with Sony Sweden in her late teens which led to the 2010 release of her self-titled debut album. The album went platinum in her native Sweden and earned the talented singer and songwriter a Swedish Grammy nomination. At the age of 22, Tove Styrke made her US debut with the release of her Borderline/em> EP this past fall on RCA Records/Sony Sweden which garnered international critical acclaim. This month she released her debut album entitled Kiddo which was written and made by Tove Styrke together with some of Sweden’s finest songwriters and producers such as Calle Ask, Arnthor Birgisson, Christian Walz and Johan T Karlsson.

Why Should You Care? This Swedish songstress has a voice that will keep you listening. Her infectious melodies and pop rhythms have landed her a spot on Entertainment Weekly’s “Must List.” Her first U.S. single “Borderline” was #1 on Hype Machine’s “Popular Chart” and went gold in Sweden. She was named one of the best new bands at SXSW by The Atlantic who called her set one of a kind.

How Do They Sound?

“High and Low”

For more information on Tove Styrke check out her official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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