Song of the Day: “Oh Boy” by 19Hundred

Today’s song is “Oh Boy” by 19Hundred. This is the first release from the London-based duo and features the vocals of DAZE aka Daisy Finetto of Mausi. This collaboration marks the first step of her solo career. The Italian born 24 year old who gained notoriety as the lead singer of Mausi.

19hundred is named after the main character (played by Tim Roth) of 1998 film ‘The Legend of 1900’. The film is about the world’s best piano player who is born and raised on a transatlantic ocean liner in the early 20th century. He refuses to ever leave or get off, and spends his entire life on the ship he was born. If you wanted to hear him play you had to go to him.

This song catches your ear with a first listen. Its pumping bass and electric grooves will make it a hit on the dance floor. It is no wonder it has been blowing up Soundcloud with more than 8k plays in the first weekend it went live on the site.

Listen below.

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