Song of the Day: “Mountain Man” by Calan Mai

Today’s song is “Mountain Man” by Calan Mai. This is the latest song from the Australian singer/songwriter. It was recorded over three months at his home in Manchester, UK. The standalone single, produced by manager Adam Lyons (singer of FAIRCHILD), is a major departure of style, following the success of debut EP ‘Days on the Rock Face’. The track features vocals by friend and Singaporean artist Linying.

In February 2015, Calan Mai AKA Jordan Lawrence and fellow Canvas Sounds signees, FAIRCHILD and Lyon Apprentice, moved from Gold Coast, Australia to Manchester to concentrate their efforts on music without the distractions of home. They have since built a makeshift bedroom studio, allowing each act the time and freedom to demo and trial new recording methods. ‘Mountain Mountain’ is one product of these experiments.

Speaking on the track, Lawrence explains, “There’s this Bill Bryson book that mentions the Appalachian Mountains took 100 million years to form. When I wrote it two years ago, Mountain Mountain was meant to be about the inevitable change caused by that sort of time and pressure – the fact that even rocks aren’t safe. It took moving to another country, losing all my money and being forced to accept my old life was over before I understood the heart of what I’d written. We unraveled, tore down and rebuilt Mountain Mountain because we wanted the song to change the way we had.”

This song is a beaufiful melodic track that will captivate your senses. It is beautiful and endearing. With a boast of indie rock and electronica thrown in. Mai will be in NYC this month for the upcoming CMJ festival. Check out the festival’s official website for show and tickets

Listen below and for more information on Calan Mai check out his Facebook and Twitter pages.

Upcoming Shows
CMJ Music Marathon, New York City – Oct 13 – 17th

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