Song Of The Day: “Leaf” by Opium Denn

  Today’s song is “Leaf” by Opium Denn. His music is so relaxing. listening on my bus ride home from work I am put into a state of ease and calm with his piano melodies and rock-in vibes psychedelic goodness. His vocals are calming and lovely creating a ethereal flow. This could be do to the use of Health-Science Enhanced Vibrations (HEV) to create music that gives the listener an unusual buzz. Perhaps that is why I was so at ease with this music. This song is off his debut release Demarkation. He has been described as Pink Floyd meets Blue Oyster cult. WARNING: some of this music shouldn’t be listened to while driving or if you’re prone to seizures.

So listen below with caution. For more information on Opium Denn check out his official website and Facebook pages.

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