Song of the Day: “Napoleon” by Angela Burns

  Today’s song is “Napoleon” by Angela Burns. The songstress originally hails from Austin, Texas but currently calls Los Angeles her home. Burns is influenced by 90’s grunge, pop-punk, and post-grunge bands circa 2000s. Everything from bands likes Blink 182 and Sublime to System Of A Down, Eminem, Avril Lavigne, Seether, Chevelle.

Burns has a kick ass blend of Indie and Alternative rock melded together with the right tinge of R&B. Her music has an underlying punk and underground feel that makes her part rock chick and part soul siren.

This is the lead track off her mixtape So That You Can Feel Better. Listening to this song will make your Monday so much better

Listen below and for more information on Angela Burns check out her official website and Facebook page.

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