Keeps Hit The Banks Of The Navesink at 10th Ave Burrito

  For those looking for some great live music. Look no further than 10th Avenue Burrito in Red Bank. The second location for the Mexican eatery features free music on Saturday nights. This past Saturday the Tennessee band hit the banks of the Navesink as part of their current tour in support of their upcoming release Brief Spirit

The show started a bit later than the 10 pm set time noted on the eatery’s website. The band did not finish setting up until about 10:50 pm and played for about a half hour.

At first I was kind of annoyed by having to wait almost an hour to see their set, however, it had been worth the wait and thoroughly enjoyed their enthusiastic dream pop.

While the set was short, they rocked the house with their exuberant dream pop. They opened with a high energy number and played to the core. Their music reminded me of a 60’s beach party vibe with a psychedelic influence of trippy guitars and drums.

They had a finger snappy and toe tapping sound paired with crunchy vocals distorted and lively jive. They reminded me of a Wavves meets Echo and The Bunnyman.

At one point in the show, the group was mistaken for a cover band. As a drunken blonde whose birthday was that night and asked for a birthday shout out earlier in the set then was yelling, “can you play 311?” It was kind of humorous but also kind of annoying. They took it in stride and kept playing. They were gracious and happy to be at the bar.

I was kind of disappointed by the fact that the bar seemed to have cleared out by the time the band finished their set. I thought the band were engaging and entertaining. I guess some people of Red Bank, may not be able to appreciate original music.

At the end of their set they gave a shout out to the fans who came all the way from Philadelphia to see them. I had noticed them sitting at the bar earlier in the night and wondered how long they were waiting to see the band. But I am sure they thought it was worth the wait as well as I did.

For more information check out their official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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