Song of the Day: “Breaking It” by Tehnoloogiline Päike

Today’s song is “Breaking It” by Tehnoloogiline Päike. The Tallinn, Estonia group is comprised of producers Evar Anvelt and Mihkel Kõrvits along with Hannalisa Uusma. Tehnoloogiline Päike started as a one man project in 2004 by Evar Anvelt. He released two albums before being joined by Mihkel Kõrvits who became more active active from 2007 and onwards. Last year female vocalist Uusma know for the Estonian pop group HU? rounding the group into a trio. 

This track opens big with synth orchestra and beating drums exhilirates the listener. This electro pop is further magnified by the harmony of echoing vocals. Their music cascades a rush of energy for a lush and enveloping musical experience.

This song is off the group’s third album entitled Technological Sun due out February 26th. The title is the direct translation of the bands name in Estonian. It includes selected works from the past four years and is formed into a 44 minute LP.

Listen below and for more information check out their Facebook page.

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