Ramonda Hammer “Goddamn Idiot” Video

Ramona Hammer
Check out the latest video from the Los Angeles, California quartet Ramonda Hammer. The band’s name is taken from a lady who was featured on the once-popular reality television show, Cheaters. The show, in and of itself, represents how front-woman and band founder Devin Davis often sees life – it’s a mix of sad and funny, some people learn and some people don’t, and we take what we can to do what we can. Plus “Ramonda Hammer” just sounds cool. The group is rounded out by Andy Hengl (bass), Justin Geter (guitar), and Danny Louangxay (drums).

This foursome packs a punch with their grungy rock that brings back the best of 90’s alternative. It will make you want to rock your combat boots and flannel sweaters.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in October 2015, Ramonda Hammer recorded their first professional album at the legendary Sunset Sound with Grammy-nominated sound engineer Morgan Stratton. The album is titled Whatever That Means, which is not only a playful nod to everyone who’s puzzled by the band’s name, but is a lyric from a track on the album called “See”, in which Davis screams, “I hate that all I write about is how I feel about the people that I care about, and I’ll try to have more depth…whatever that means!” The album will be released in early 2016, just in time for a summer tour.

Watch below and check out their official website for more information on Ramona Hammer.

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