Diana Ebe “Elusive Pleasure” Video

  Today is the release of Diana Ebe‘s video “Elusive Pleasure.” This is the first single from the Stockholm, Sweden artist’s debut EP to be released later this year.

According to Diana as a whole, the video represents the sadness and the emptiness of ‘the situation.’ Trying to find answers by going to all these places. I see it as, the first and last images in my home are the reality and the outside places are my dream. That’s where I go when ‘it’ doesn’t work out like you hope it would. I wanted to capture the feeling of captivity in the reality and the freedom in my dreams.”

The video was directed by Gabriel Novis and features Diana singing across differs landscapes. It is cinematography at its finest. Ebe has the appeal of artists like Lorde and Lykke Li, yet she creates her own eclectic vibe with her emotive lyrics and dark melodies. It is harrowing yet loveable.  

Watch below and for more information on Diana check out her official website and Facebook page.

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