Song Of The Day: “Helen” By Georgia Reed

Today’s song is “Helen” by Georgia Reed. Growing up in a musical family, Georgia’s relationship with music began earlier than she can remember. Creating simple melodies was not unusual for the 4 year old who was yet to learn how to read and write. As a child she discovered a passion for writing stories and, over the years, these stories became songs.

This is her latest release. It is intense, dark and immersive track written from an outsider’s perspective. The song tells of a young girl spiraling headlong into hopeless despair. The song’s lyrics “I can’t save you tonight” pave the way for its thundering climax and further showcase her stormy trademark.

This song captivates you with Reed’s sensual and smoky vocals. She paints a haunting picture of one girl’s demise. 

Listen below and for more information check out her official   website and Facebook page.

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