Song of the Day: “Seeds” by FRIENDSWITHBENEFITS

Today’s song is “Seeds” by FRIENDSWITHBENEFITS. FRIENDSWITHBENEFITS is the musical child of Justin Wiseman, keyboardist for Austin-based anthemic rock band The Rocketboys. FWB is a modern take on 80s synth-pop that both musically and lyrically balances density and whimsy. Surprisingly powerful arrangements for these “bedroom” recordings feature more keyboards than can fit into a 500 square foot downtown Austin apartment (don’t bring it up in front of the Mrs. though – it’s a touchy subject!).

After a decade or so accompanying and rarely stepping out beyond the role of a collaborator in projects such as The Rocketboys, Quiet Company, Dustin Kensrue, and Stoney, FRIENDSWITHBENEFITS is a progressive step forward for Wiseman as a songwriter, arranger, singer, and lead-keyboardist. Wiseman honed the sound and artistic direction over the past few years – ones full of notable triumphs and near-defeating lulls professionally. This long incubation contributed to the EP’s broad emotional range.

This song is the title track off his debut EP out now. The video recently premiered on Idobi Radio.

His sound has been compared to Beach House, Washed Out, or War on Drugs. This reviewer thinks the music has a killer keyboard driven melody that is exciting and emotive.

The star of the video is one of Wiseman’s piano students, seven-year-old Ace, who is “obsessed with costumes and dressing up,” in Wiseman’s words. “The video concept was born out of Ace’s affinity for dressing up combined with the song’s overall theme of remorse for acting ‘childish’ and selfish, not realizing the burden others carried. The childishness in the video is manifested in the brash idea that you would (or could) destroy a whole city, or that you would follow someone to do something like that simply because they look badass.” The music video was shot and edited by Billy Cano.

Watch below and for more information check out his Facebook and Twitter pages. 

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