Song of the Day: “In Another Life” by Beatrix Potter

Today’s song is “In Another Life” by Beatrix Potter. The Toms River, NJ band Beatrix Potter, the band, is the brainchild (paternity test pending)* of multi instrumentalist and artist Collin Adkisson. He is joined by professional audio engineer and session musician Sean Polk, on bass. Jerry Gambino, a teacher and graduate of Berklee College of Music adds drums and percussion to the mix. Christopher Clauss is a music teacher and multi instrumentalist, who plays electric guitar and checkers. Justin Iannarone plays synths, tambourines, sounds, and generally speaking brings an air of sophistication and grace to the mixture.

This is the title track from their upcoming album set to drop on Saturday August 27. In celebration of the release the band will be playing a show that day at The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ.

Their music is an eclectic mox drawing on elements of jazz, progressive rock, psychedelia, and contemporary pop music to produce a sound which has been demonstrated in countless scientific studies to trigger The Human Dance Reflex and induce a prevailing feeling of elation and lightness in the limbs.

This song features cool ocean sounds with strumming guitar melodies that will take all your cares away. They remind me of Blues Traveler meets Sublime. 

Listen below and for more information check out their Facebook page.

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