DJ Real They’ll Say “Yes” Album Premiere

DJ REAL‘s new LP, They’ll Say “Yes,” drops today and we have the album premiere stream below!

The San Francisco­ based musician and multi­media artist continues his tradition of bedroom recording, but marks his first time using computers to record and mix moving from the Roland 1860 he used on his previous four albums.

DJ REAL, AKA Nick Stargu, began performing back in 2000 in his original home of Connecticut intending to follow in the steps of Andy Kaufman. Over time, his aesthetic evolved into that of a multimedia musical comedy live show, incorporating music, video, slideshows and even virtual reality.

With a move to San Francisco, DJ REAL’s multi­faceted career in comedy and music began to take off with varied appearances at Outside Lands, San Francisco Sketchfest, Bridgetown Comedy Festival as well as slots opening for Devo, Bridget Everett (Inside Amy Shumer, Trainwreck), Rob Cantrell (Last Comic Standing) Beardyman and more.

They’ll Say “Yes” is his fifth studio album as DJ REAL. “I recorded in my bedroom over an 8 year period and it’s changed a buttload over the years. As with the rest of my albums, there is a major emphasis on doofiness. I’ve got a song about a dude who misplaces his baby at a rave, a love song about a man in love with a giant who stepped on his best friend by accident….there’s even a Cypress Hill tribute song where I try my best to do a B-Real and Sen Dog impression. Very timely stuff. Doofiness abound!”

According to Stargu, “The songs range from love songs about a 30 ft tall ex­-girlfriend, to a Cypress Hill tribute song, to a creepy ode to Shakira.”

With a sound and style akin to that of the genre­ subverters like Frank Zappa, Ween or Ariel Pink, the latest from DJ Real is a hilarious trip of silliness that is musically enticing. I haven’t had this much fun with music in a long time.

Listen below and for more information on DJ Real check out his official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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