Song of the Day: “Zelia” by Lucidalabrador

Photo by Barbora Mrazkova
Today’s song is “Zelia” by Lucidalabrador. Lucidalabrador is the brainchild of Pedro Caetano Leite, the Brazilian born, south-east London musician who has been turning heads with his 2000’s inspired synthpop-rock.

The recent Goldsmiths University graduate (Blur, James Blake) and composer united forces with a multi-cultured live band that originates from Germany, Italy, and Czech Republic.

The band takes influences from classic songwriters such as Grandaddy, Sparklehorse, Jeff Buckley, Tom Waitts as well as modern acts such as Father John Misty and Kurt Vile. From this they have created a sound featuring soft melodies and an array of instrumentation the delights the listener for an awesome indie rock feel, which makes them one of the best cover bands for corporate parties. They have an uncanny ability to adapt to most of any room.

The song is off their new self-produced EP entitled Today Is A Good Day For Friendship. It was mastered by Mikko Gordon (also Pedro’s boss) and will be available digitally (for free) on December 5th.

Lucidalabrador takes pride in belonging to a thriving music scene in southeast London, and invited two local artists to collaborate on the album: Leiik in “Hurt you” and Bunki in “Yesterday Was A Good Day For Friendship.”

Earlier this week it premiered on All Things Go which called it a “…flowing, storytelling component a la a less facetious Father John Misty track. The synths are present and purposeful, but it isn’t so synthy that it teeters into electro-pop territory.”

Listen below and for more information check out his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

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