Fire To The Stars “Stay Down” Video

Check out the video for “Stay Down,” the new single taken from Fire To The StarsMade of Fire, the follow up to their debut Keep You Safe EP.

Based around scenes from the award winning short film The Death Drive the video was Directed by Kyle V James & Michael Bourne and produced by Moonflower productions.

It begins with a shocking visual of a man dousing himself with gasoline and engulfing himself in flames. As the fire and smoke consumes him, painful memories of a failed love blast across the screen. This broken soul has clearly lost all will to carry on, and as other scenes appear of him wandering aimlessly his only hesitation is on the top of a desert mountain, where a text briefly appears on screen… “Why am I doing this?” One last flashback to a better time reveal that perhaps he’s had a self-destructive streak all along, only now he no longer has someone by his side to mitigate that urge.

The band has been making a name for themselves with their music garnering accolades from indie outlets like, System Failure, The Sirens, and even the Austin Music Video Festival.

Watching this video you can see and hear why.

The Melbourne-based collection of Australians and ex-pat Swedes have crafted a great poetic masterpiece. This two and a half minute clip captivates the viewer
with its poignant artistry. Their slow strumming guitars with lush and sultry vocals are a perfect soundtrack for the self destructing images on screen.

Watch below and for more information on Fire To The Stars check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Want to check out the whole film? Watch it here.

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