Song of the Day: “Comatose Come Christmas” by Deep Cuts

Today’s song is “Comatose Come Christmas” by Deep Cuts. The classically trained Houston based group is comprised of songwriters Chase Harris and Zach Alderman.

The pair has created a melded sound consisting of latin indie rock roots into pop territory, with undertones ranging from salsa romantica to jazz fusion.

They realize their songs live with a crack team of Houston players including Children of Pop mastermind Chase DeMaster. Following a string of self-released singles and EPs, the band will soon complete their first full length record with Grammy award-winning engineer Steve Christiansen. The album, is entitled Society Gig

The duo has released this fun holiday song, “Comatose Come Christmas.” which was inspirited by different events in each member’s life:

From Josiah Hall:
“Every year, my mom would record Christmas specials on VHS tapes, commercials and all. Things like Frosty the Snowman, an old cartoon from 1936 titled “Christmas Comes But Once a Year”, Rudolph etc. There were Christmas commercials for 7up, Nestle, McDonald’s and Energizer. At certain points in the tape you could tell she accidentally began to record, and two specials would overlap suddenly. I tried to make this music video feel like one of those VHS tapes. Rudolph was always my favorite as a kid, so I had it pop up throughout the video.”

From Chase & Zach:
“The song is an ode to eggnog. It’s a nod to White Christmas and all the jazzy holiday songs of yesteryear. Macauly Culkin and chain smoking were images of anxiety we personally feel at family gatherings. The lyrics stem from the adult reality of drinking your way through the various pressures and stresses of the holiday season.”

Listen below and for more information on Deep Cuts check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

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