Song of the Day: “It’s Official” by J-Anthony

Today’s song is “It’s Official” by J-Anthony. The Toledo, Ohio singer, songwriter, and musician was born and raised out of Cleveland, Ohio. J-Anthony was raised in a musical family singing in church. He excelled in sports and got a scholarship to run in track in college. During his years in college he gave up his final year in track to pursue music. After college he got a job working with kids as a high school principal.

He couldn’t let go of his true passion for music so J-Anthony decided to start a cover band and was successful winning the best band in the city award. Now he’s writing his on music on a new project assembling a band of talented musicians and pursuing a new venture making music everyone will enjoy.

The group consists of J-Anthony (vocals/Keys), Devin Krueger (Lead Guitar), Will Schuler (Drums), and Byron Harris (Bass/Keys).

Listening to this song I was instantly hooked on his crafty lyrics and enticing harmonies. J-Anthony has a vibe that will appeal to all audiences. His lovable pop, rock, and funk flavor is unique and inviting you will soon be singing its praises. This artist brings the bass with his refreshingly exciting funk pop rock flair. His music could be best described as Maroon 5 meets Lenny Kravitz with the funk of Prince.

This is the latest single from the midwest rocker which will drop on January 13th.

Listen below and for more information check out his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

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