Song of the Day: “Pomme” by MY BODY

Today’s song is “Pomme” by My Body. The Portland group consists of Jordan Bagnall and Darren Bridenbeck and came together in 2012

Jordan uses her classical training to create catchy electronic pop that is avant garde and decidedly unique. She also leads the project as the primary producer and songwriter.

The track comes from their upcoming EP Seven Wives. The EP is a follow up to their celebrated debut EP Six Wives and is available this month via Bug Hunt Records. The EP was inspired by their time living in Brooklyn and Steven Milhauser’s short story Thirteen Wives. The influence of the short story is also a part of their EP Six Wives, and weaves the records together.

The song chronicles how even in the best relationships can go awry. On writing “Pomme” Jordan Bagnall says,”sometimes, even when you’re in love with the most amazing, loving and supportive person things don’t go well, and over possessiveness and jealousy set in. Being in love makes you crazy some days.​”

This track is a hauntingly brilliant piece of music. It showcases Jordan’s ethereal and dreamy vocals.

Listen below and for more information check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

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