Song of the Day: “All I Want” by Autumn

Founded by former NBA All-Star Baron Davis, The BlackSanta Company aims to create positive, uplifting, and enchanting content for all ages, celebrating cultural diversity, the joy of giving, and the magic of good to help build a brighter, more colorful world.

Created in collaboration with multiple acclaimed and award-winning writers and producers, the Winter Wonderland Mixtape breathes fresh air into the spirit of the season, creating character-based songs with fresh, modern sonics, geared towards a more inclusive audience.

The compilation highlights the BlackSanta Company’s colorful roster of Holiday-themed characters, with each character featuring songs inspired by music greats. The mixtape introduces the world of BlackSanta, the patron saint for a new holiday tradition, who speaks with a heart and soul wide open to those overlooked.

His mission is to provide blessings and goodwill to those in need every single day, treating Christmas as a year-round event with endless opportunities to give back. BlackSanta’s message is one of inclusion and the belief that all people, regardless of nationality, color, religion, or creed can come together make positive impacts.

The mixtape was produced by Baron Davis and TITLE 9 Inc., with associate producers Andre ‘Dre’ Harris, Triangle Park Music and DUO, and mastered by Chris Gehringer, Sterling Sound, NY. A&R’s for the project include Carmen Murray, Jennifer Duke, and Michael Michel.

Company founder, Baron Davis said,

“In my life, especially given where I started, I have been unbelievably blessed with all I now have. My desire going forward is to be a BlackSanta each day and give just as much back as I have received. It’s my greatest dream to see that spirit, the true spirit of Christmas, inspire people all year round to give of themselves to better their block, their community, and possibly the entire planet. Let us take the time to bless someone whenever we can, and through our good deeds, inclusion, and positivity, bring a little magic back to a world in need.”

For every product BlackSanta sells, a give-back portion follows, where they reinvest in local communities. The BlackSanta Company has sponsored numerous toy drive and gift-wrapping events for neighborhoods in need donated care packages for foster youth and partnered with organizations including The Boys and Girls Club and A Fabolous Way Foundation. Like Walt Disney, Baron Davis is creating lanes and paving the way for young talent like Jason Clas, 17, whose bonus track, “Can’t Sleep” will be a highly anticipated feature on the mixtape.

Listen below and for more information and to purchase the mixtape check out the official website.

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