Song of the Day: Will Grands Releases Wonderful “Put Me Away”

The 21-year-old talent Will Grands has just released a single titled “Put Me Away.” We’ve made it our tune of the day, and you will soon see why. Counting Major Lazer and Diplo as artists he has already written with, this new track will continue to push out Grands’ expressive style of production.

Subtle melodies and summery tropical waves flood this one with electronic warmth, whilst vocals offer up a soul-laden feel. It’s the kind of tune that will stick with you long after it finishes playing.

Have a listen of this one now and for more information check out his Facebook page

1 thought on “Song of the Day: Will Grands Releases Wonderful “Put Me Away””

  1. 21 years old!!! What a champion. I am proud of him for having that degree of talent and drive. Fear has always kept me from putting anything out there. It is also why I am no successful at the moment! Keep it up Will Grands, you have a relly bright future potential!.

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