Song of the Day: “Dig Deep” by Lxandra

"Dig Deep" by Lxandra

Today’s song is “Dig Deep” by Lxandra. From Berlin by way of the small Finnish island of Suomenlinna, 21 year old is a new sign to Island Records.

The singer recently caused a stir with her gentle piano ballad “Hush Hush Baby,” a song that was originally a birthday present to her mother. This track “Dig Deep,” while created long before the #MeToo movement, couldn’t be more relevant. The lyrics and video criticize the image of women that still reigns in our society. “Women quickly become ‘too much’ in the eyes of our society. They are expected to be calm and quiet” says Lxandra.

“This theme is repeated in the video’s visuals. We portray a strong, loud and free woman that many people fear, because the world is still not used to it. We’re not just portraying the pretty girl next door who keeps her mouth shut. This also reflects the #MeToo campaign. It’s about speaking out when things are unfair.”

Lxandra has a powerful vocals and lyrical imagery that paints a haunting and realistic picture of what a woman should be.

Watch below and for more information check out her Facebook page.

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