Song of the Day: “For Cryin’ Out Loud” by The Heck

Today’s song is “For Cryin’ Out Loud” by The Heck. Hailing from the north of the Netherlands this band has a Nederbeat influence and is takes cues from the Outsiders, Q65, and Cuby and the Blizzards.

The Heck is the sixties-influenced garage punk band from Henri Keefman. Henri was the preaching frontman of De Keefmen and the Miracle Men and is currently one half of the Sensational Second Cousins along with his, uh, second cousin and in The Heck Henri is combining the same influences of his favourite bands as always: the Real Kids, the Remains, the Seeds, the Pagans, Dead Moon and the Reigning Sound.

This rockalcious track will pump up your Monday morning.

Listen below and for more information on The Heck check out their official website, Facebook page.

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