Song of the Day: “Daddy’s Boy” by Electric 6

Electric 6 Facebook Photo | Eat Sleep Breathe Music
Photo by Photo by Mark Wright Courtesy of Electric 6’s Facebook Page

Today’s song is “Daddy’s Boy” by Electric 6. The Detroit, Michigan sextet is comprised of Dick Valentine (vocals), Da Ve (guitar), Johnny Na$hinal (guitar), Tait Nucleus? (keyboard), and Rob Lower (bass).

Electric 6 combines elements of garage, disco, punk rock, new wave, and metal. They have been making music since 2003 and you may know them for their singles “Danger! High Voltange” and “Gay Bar.”

Called one of the hardest working bands. This track off their most recent release entitled Bride of the Devil which is their 17th studio album.

Their music is fun and if you have a the chance to see them life definitely check them out.

The band is currently on tour and is playing the Rocks Off concert cruise series. Tomorrow, Thursday, July 19th Electric Six will once again take to the sea. According to the band, “it’s the best party night of the year, NYC. Electric Six. Music. Booze. Water. Sights. Sounds.”

Listen below and for tickets and more information on Electric 6 check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

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