Song of the Day: “St. Louis Blues” by /fyo͞oɡ/

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Today’s song is “St. Louis Blues” by /fyo͞oɡ/ Hailing form New Orleans, Louisiana /fyo͞oɡ/ is the brainchild of Katarina Boudreaux and Sam Tepper. Katarina is a writer, dancer, teacher, and musician. Her novel Platform Dwellers is available from Owl Hollow Press. She is the current director of Noladancing. Sam Tepper is a genuine human being and virtuoso musician.

These two musicians sought out to create music that grips the soul and imagination in the process. Their music falls into the genre of old school Jazz and Blues with a little bit of funk and gospel tied in.

Writing both original music and cover tracks this duo brings out some fiery tunes. Tepper is an impressive multi-instrumentalist playing piano and keyboards that have been compared at times to the great Stevie Wonder. Vocals

The vocals of Katrarina have a soulfulness that has been compared to the likes of Billy Holliday or Ella Fitzgerald.

“St. Louis Blues” is one of my favorite tracks off their album Temp’rall Sho’gazing. There is something about this track that just catches your ears. It could be the slow upbeat drums or the smoky and sultry vocals of Katrarina that make it a distinct and fun track.

Listen below and for more information on /fyo͞oɡ/ check out their official website and Facebook pages.

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