Song of the Day: “Fields of Ancient Life” by Lightning Hunter

Lightning Hunter Song of the Day | Eat Sleep Breathe Music
Today’s song is “Fields of Ancient Life” by Lightning Hunter.

Lightning Hunter is a side project of Charles Scandura from the New York progressive ambient metal group NEGATIVEHATE.

Lightning Hunter has been compared to bands like Placebo, Silversun Pickups, The Cure, A Perfect Circle, Interpol, and Soundgarden. Their songs often evolve from multi-instrument orchestrations into guitar and drum-driven alternative rock. If there were a single underlining theme lyrically, they are cathartically motivated by their love for music and the mysteries of the ethereal world that it inhabits.

This track is off his debut album entitled Beyond Beyond. The album is described as a musical expression forged in the heat of sheer musical passion. It was created as a love and respect for fellow musicians on their concurrent paths and the whole thing is being offered for free to anyone who wants to take a listen.

While there is no lyrics in this song, there is no need for any words. The music speaks for itself as a moving and ethereal experience. This fully instrumental track calms the soul and makes you feel like you are melting into the wilderness. It is simply amazing.

Listen below and for more information on Lightning Hunter check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

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