Song of the Day: “No Stranger to Love” by Moonray

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Today’s song is “No Stranger to Love” by Moonray. This Austin, Texas-based duo is comprised of husband and wife Jonray and Barbara Higginbotham.

Jonray is a Houston-born fifth generation Texan and multi-instrumentalist, and Barbara is a business-savvy lover of theatre who grew up between Mexico and Austin.

The band came up with their name on a camping trip. They looked up and noticed how the moon carried the light and reflected down on us on the pathway we were on. Since then it has been their mission to try to create songs that will bring a sense of joy and nostalgia while pulling out of the dark into light.

Moonray draws on their independence and strengths to speak to their listeners in an uplifting, relatable way. Their passion is to create freely and without limits, using their worldly melodies and lyrics to shine a restorative, hopeful light for those who need it.

The couple has created a phenomenal sound that draws from their love of ’70s and ’80s music with influences legends including The Beatles, Prince, Madonna, and Jimi Hendrix.

The single is inspired by the pair’s passion keeping their love alive despite the challenges they were experiencing individually.

The band has been getting accolades from the blogosphere. They have been called “…electrifying” having “infectious synth,” and “uplifting and showing a sense of maturity” by Conversations About Her, Riverbeats, and MoggBlog.

Their abundant musical energy is evident on this track. The listener will ride a wave of happiness with their powerful message of love, light, and life shines through in their upbeat dynamic synth/cosmic air pop.

This track is off their upcoming self-produced and recorded Digital Moon LP via their own label, Satellite Records.

Listen below and for more information check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

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