Rocking Under the Radar: Treads

Band Treads Wearing Sunglasses in Black and White | Eat Sleep Breathe Music
Who are they? Treads. Consisting of Kris (bass), Glenn (drums), Mike (guitar), Harmony (guitar), and Madge (guitar/lead vocals) the Brooklyn/Queens quartet was previously known as Whiskey Bitches.

When did they start? 2016

Why Should You Care? With just a riff of their guitars, this group will infiltrate your brain and make you take note. They rock hard with a catchy sound that will appeal to punk and rockers alike.

How Do They Sound?


“Throw Away”

Check out the band on March 12th 202 at The Kingsland in Brooklyn with suppor from . See details and get tickets here. For more information on Treads at their official website, Facebook page.

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