Song of the Day: “You Done It Now” by Oriah

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Today’s song is “You Done It Now” by Oriah. The Los Angeles, Californian group is composed of Vik Kosta (vocals/guitar) and Tim Webb (guitar/vocals).

Viktoriya is formerly and currently, a wild child with a laser beam stare sent to earth to rip. Webb was previously a middle America grease-stained street urchin and currently much less conjure a heated and saucy torrent of commanding vocals and powerful vintage Stratocaster tones with a disposition to loudly command the whole of the visual spectrum and airwaves.

They came together in 2018 to create a powerful indie garage punk. The band cites their influences from artists including Joan Jett, The Black Keys, and jazz legend Miles Davis.

Their music is delighting audiences across the L.A. music scene and they are getting some props from the blogosphere as well.

This track premiered on Pure Grain Audio and praised the band for its “appealing vocal harmonies”

Track these two keep their cards close to their chest. They want the listener to determine their own meaning for the song. When asked about the track this is what Webb had to say. “Things happen, you write about them, you pour your heart and soul into them, and then you give it and the meaning away. The song and the meaning is yours now. Enjoy.”

We find it to be a kick-ass song. The blend of gritty guitar riff with Vik’s invitingly vocals makes for a sexy and salacious sound with a rock edge.

Listen below and for more information check out their official website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

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