Song of the Day: “Freaks” by The North Country

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Today’s song is “Freaks” by The North Country. The Washington DC-based sextet is comrpised of Andrew Grossman, Austin Blanton, Laurel Halsey, Margot MacDonald, Jon Harmon and Kirk Kubicek.

This is the latest single from the group’s forthcoming album America and Afterwards. The album will be released this summer and is a fitting title considering the current state of our world.

The song is also a nice message during this time of uncertainty. The focus is to be yourself in spite of social pressures. Don’t let anyone put you in a box or categorize you. Be yourself as weird as you really are. Ditch the laws of a carefully curated personal you see on social media. Instead, be who you are on the inside. This track is an anthem to learn to be comfortable with yourself no matter what others think.

The song has a funky electro-pop that gets the listener excited as you wait for the vocals to begin. The song evokes emotion and independence paired with affectionate harmonies that you will soon to find yourself singing along to.

It has a 70’s vibe part homage to the opening of Chaka Khan and Rufus song “Tell Me Something Good.” It’s also a reminder that love is more important than money or social status as lead singer Andrew Grossman sings, “When I die I want to be known, not by how much cash I have but how much I have loved.”

This song has a message of hope and this is something that can resonate with a lot of people right now.

Listen below and for more information check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

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