Rocking Under the Radar: Celine Rae

Celine Rae Rocking Under the Radar | Eat Sleep Breathe Music
Who Are They?
Celine Rae. Celine Rae (Born March 20th, 1996) is a Dutch singer-songwriter and YouTube artist.

When Did She Start?

Why Should You Care?
Rae’s music takes you on a voyage of discovery throughout her personal life. Calling her music “stigma free” she always tries to inspire her fans to be themselves unapologetically no matter what they’re going through. Her sound is a poppy emotional ride that can be compared to a variation of Paramore and the Common Linnets. Her new track “Wide Awake” is a chill, pop anthem empowering you to step out of the shadow and take control. Celine is also an advocate for mental health and sings about this in her music.

How Does She Sound?

“The Finetuners feat. Celine Rae – Wide Awake”

“He Said”

“Done Fighting For This”

This Friday, April 24th Rae will release an acoustic version of her song “Wide Awake.” For more information on Celine Rae check out her official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

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