Hayley Wiliams “Over Yet (Workout Video)”

Hayley Williams Over Yet Workout Video | Eat Sleep Breathe Music
Photo via Facebook
Loving this new track from Haley Williams. Rock out to Haley Williams’s new song while getting in shape while in quarantine.

It’s the shortest exercise video and you won’t even need to put your hair up.

The choreography is by Emilia Richeson of Pony Sweat Aerobic. In case your unfamiliar with Pony Sweat. This is a Los Angeles-based “fiercely noncompetitive” practice in radical acceptance and anti-perfectionism through dance aerobics. It features music that’s close to the heart! A dance-exercise class that feels like dancing in your bedroom. A challenging and easy-to-follow-or-not-follow workout that is fun and has FEELING! Come as YOU ARE, All Ways, ALWAYS!

Watch below and for more information check out her official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages

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