Song of the Day: “Flowers For Dystopia” by Les Techno

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Today’s song is “Flowers For Dystopia” by Les Techno.

Hailing from New York Les Techno is a musician fusing ironic lyrics amidst hip hop grooves with acoustic guitar and electric psychedelia

Les Techno has been described as a purveyor of cool, subversive Pop with one foot planted in a post-apocalyptic David Lynch future, and the other securely in heady post-punk and gothy 80’s retro vibrations.

His self-produced string of recent singles has all exuded a surrealist attitude and a strange, moody, spacious, danceable signature sound.

This latest single “Flowers For Dystopia” is his reaction to being under lockdown for 3 months, locked in his recording studio.

He says “one night, in a dream, I imagined walking out on a stage in some dingy East Village club, with the band playing this riff. I approach the mic and, like a wizard’s incantation, call out “Objects!, Objects!”. I woke up in the middle of the night, ran down into his studio and started recording it.”

What he created is an uptempo number that has edgy vibe and catchy hook. Once I listened to this track I was instantly taken with its guitar and tambourines. Les Techno has created a fun track that conjures a sound that mixes 80’s synth with a David Bowie-like feel.

Listen below and for more information check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages

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