Song of the Day: “Robot Spark (Rauch von König remix)” by Lost American Music

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Today’s song is “Robot Spark (Rauch von König remix)” by Lost American. The Nashville based artist goes by the name of Chris E. Kelley.

Lost American has certainly been inspired by a life off the beaten path, off the reservation, and off the map.

The name Lost American suits Kelley well because he has been living out of the US for almost twenty years, trying to understand his homeland from abroad (and chasing handsome strangers). His wanderlust began in earnest after the 9/11 attack on New York City: he was flying to Novosibirsk, Russia when the twin towers were felled. He soon decided he wanted to immerse himself in a life outside the United States to try to understand the often divergent opinions of his home country. Falling in love with a Bulgarian rascal sealed the deal.

Kelley kept writing and recording in his ersatz lodgings during his years living in Bulgaria and South Africa in the noughties. By 2015, he and his husband were able to settle in Spain whereupon he started Lost American, playing venues in Barcelona. At this point, he was able to reflect on his experiences, recorded a bunch of songs, and released the first Lost American record in 2016.

Kelly has also gained worldwide attention with the gay media for his infectious sounds.

Chris E. Kelley recently turned his attention back on his home country with the release of the video “Fearless Leader” featuring a space-bound Trump animation by Spanish artist Adolf Rodriguez and is now focusing on live performances in the US and a new, more personal single.

And now Lost American is coming home.

Returning to Nashville has been on Kelley’s mind for several years now. There is a keening of the spirit that calls us home. Being closer to an elderly parent and long-lost childhood friends and cherished cousins resonates deeply in him at this point of his life. Songs inspired by this journey – this path apart, beyond, and back – will now be rooted in his genesis: Nashville.

The Nashville artist Chris E. Kelley got a Rauch von König remix to his latest track “Robot Spark.”

This music will appeal to everyone who is craving some good electronic dance music with a little bit of soul reflecting Kelley’s Tennessee heritage.

Listen below and for more information check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

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