Song of the Day: “Wait & See” by OneManJamz

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Today’s song is “Wait & See” by OneManJamz. The Virginia-bred group is made up of Jeremy Thorn.

This rapper, producer, and loop artist has an amazing talent for making music solely with his vocals.

He creates an audacious harmonic sound with vocals creating drum beats and bass grooves that are beautiful to the ear.

His music will appeal to the human in you with his topics of love, loneliness, struggle, and success.

This track has a high energy electronic and piano-based melodies paired with lovelorn lyrics that make a sad song feel good.

Thorn was recently featured on The Office Ladies podcast Instagram page for his wonderful rendition of “Heartbreak in the Breakroom.”

If you want to check out his version of “Heartbreak in the Breakroom” see it below.

Listen below and for more information on on OneManJamz check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify pages.

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