“Quit Takin a Side” Warren Dunes Video

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The Seattle-based family band, Warren Dunes are sharing their latest video for “Quit Takin’ a Side.”

In it, the band moves from an all-out brawl at the dinner table resulting in a possibly unwanted buzz cut, to creeping through a weird basement, playing a little music, hand-holding, and then a synchronized fall into the Salish Sea.

I was taken by their infectious postmodern beach music and entertained by the interestingly funny video featuring haircuts and spaghetti. All kidding aside this is a fun song with a powerful uplifting message.

This track is off their upcoming release Get Well Soon due out March 19th. Calling the album a “Hallmark card to everyone that lived through 2020.”

Watch below and for more information on Warren Dunes check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

About Warren Dunes

Brothers Jared and Dominic Cortese spent their youth running through the shifting sands of Warren Dunes State Park in Southwest Michigan. Drawn together by their shared love of music, Julia Massey and the Cortese brothers decided to form a true family band, and the name came easy. With a reputation for bringing their audience to tears and guaranteed hugs after a performance, not being in the same room with their fans has been burdensome for Warren Dunes. Get Well Soon, which includes the band’s 2020 single “Fishbowl” (#18 on NACC and KEXP’s Song of the Day), is the band’s offering of love, hope, and healing for Dunesfolk of the past, present, and future.

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