Song of the Day: “Lace” by Lake Stovall

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Today’s song is “Lace” by Lake Stovall. Originally a dancer, the Virginia native moved to San Francisco, California to study sound design and production. He has worked his way from freestyling and dancing in battles to producing for other artists as well as making his own music.

This singer-songwriter and producer has had collaborations with musicians Ryan Hemsworth and musician B. Lewis (with whom he formed duo project TESSA). Now he is showcasing his star quality with his latest track “Lace” via Lekker Collective.

“Lace” is about craving that intimacy in a relationship that goes beyond the physical. Lake questions this concept when it comes to love and what he has gathered from his experiences along the way. He says,

“There’s also the concept of, does intimacy necessarily equal love? Becoming a singer-songwriter has forced me to neglect certain aspects of my social life and it has forced these kinds of dialogues within myself. This record becomes the representation of a conversation with my inner self. Craving all the things that are ‘supposed’ to bring love into a relationship and learning along the way.

He has already received accolades from Best In New Music and Oh-Es-Tee praising his music for its “honeycomb vocals and smooth production.”

“Lace” is the follow-up to last year’s single “She.” This song offers an alluring R&B. It is slow and sexy but also gives you some soft bumping grooves that can make it a fun slow dance number. Paired with Stovall’s sultry and salacious vocals this track is sexy, sweet, and emotive.

If you haven’t heard of Stovall he is an artist that should be on your list.

Listen below and for more information check out his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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