Song of the Day: “Sahara” by Ravive

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Today’s song is “Sahara” by Ravive. The American artist is writing her own story of revitalization. After spending years in the rock industry and touring nationally with an alternative duo, the 27-year-old is embracing evolution, simplicity, eeriness, and reflection.

“Sahara” is the debut single written by Ravive and produced by Okan Kazdal (NEVRLANDS). The track infused pop with electronica for a hypnotic pulsating fusion.

The track is only surpassed by Ravive’s descriptive lyricism that paints a visual landscape of triumph when you don’t give up. It is a song about getting through the desert and trying to reach a place of safety. About the single, she states:

“‘Sahara’ was an experience. I wanted to really paint the visual of trudging through the desert, feeling exhausted, but still trying to make it home. Pop music has always been a euphoric, but sometimes heartbreaking sonic trip for me, so I wanted to create a song that could be that experience for someone else. “Sahara” captures an odd juxtaposition between mental exhaustion and finding sanctuary. Exploring those opposites melded into a synth fusion that I instantly fell for.”

Listen below and for more information check our her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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