Song of the Day “In This Place” by Thorin Loeks

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Today’s song is “In This Place” by Thorin Loeks. Hailing from the Yukon Territory, Canada Loeks is a singer-songwriter inspired by his wilderness experiences.

Thor is an avid outdoorsman taking several wilderness-related jobs and soul-searching outdoor retreats over his life.  Over the last eight years, he has bicycled and canoed over 15,000 km across North America with a guitar on his back. These have been foundational experiences for his songwriting and musical style which manifested over months of simple, nomadic journeys enriched by the countryside, towns, and many diverse, warmhearted people whom he encountered, connected with and befriended along the way.

“In this Place” is the title track off his latest album out now.

Like his other music, this song was inspired by an outdoor trip in the fall of 2020. He took a 600 km canoe journey down the Kluane, Donjek, White, and Yukon Rivers in the Yukon Territory to Dawson City. This trip helped him reconnect with his roots and was an inspiration for this track and other songs on his latest third studio album, In This Place. Some of the visuals captured will be used on an upcoming music video for the title track of his new album.

This song evokes a calm breeze on the listener. Like vast open spaces of the wild Thor’s music has a magnetic soulful indie, rock feel. Gentle guitars with handclapping piano and harmonica melodies merge with beautiful vocal harmonies that make for a meaningful and sweet and meaningful song that will touch the human spirit.

Listen below and form more information check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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