Song of the Day: “Strange” by J Hacha De Zola

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photo by Christopher Welby

Today’s song is “Strange” by J Hacha De Zola. The Jersey City, NJ native never thought of himself as a recording artist when he started out but says “…I guess that’s what I do now,” he realizes, concluding, “Sometimes you find yourself so far down the road that there’s only one option: to keep ongoing.”

And going it what he has been doing. To date, he has four albums and various EPs with an all-new album, entitled East of Eden arriving on June 11th.

This track is part of a re-mastered 12-song collection of tunes culled from the four albums and various EPs he has released over the past five years available now.

The song was also made into a short film by award-winning Buenos Aires, Argentina-based filmmakers Sebastián Alberto Juiz (as Bastian-a), and Rocío Ray. The creators commented, “It could be a silent film and return, even more, to the sources. Everything else is pure imagination and subjectivity. You will decide what to believe, dear viewer. Isn’t that what cinema is about?” For his part, Hacha De Zola says, “I have always wanted my music to have this cinematic quality to it, and I think these two have really captured that.”

Even without the video, this song paints a vivid visual for the listener. You will get swept up with its woozy instrumentation and alluringly curious lyrics.

Listen below and for more information check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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