Song of the Day: “What Did You Learn Last?” by Almost

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Today’s song is “What Did You Learn Last?” by Almost. This is the latest track from the Toronto-based pop-punk band.

The song pays tribute to the fun, yet chaotic and confounding decade life, your 20’s! According to the group, the single’s inception was inspired by

“being in your late 20’s and feeling washed up”.

The song is about

“trying to become someone you’re proud of while accepting your past, growing up, and your ability to change without questioning it…Your 20’s are full of mistakes, full of figuring yourself out, all while having the audacity of fuelling your overinflated ego. We believe [it] welcomes and embraces the anthem to our lives, but really it’s just lots of drugs, sad drunk sex, and a scramble to pay that landlord with a trust fund. Did I really learn a damn thing at all?”

Regardless of that, the song is an exhilarating ride that features dramatic vocals and jubilant melodies. Anyone in need of some sarcastic flare should check out this song.

Listen to the track below.

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